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I pity the fool who don't like the 80s
Mr. Hammer Wig Adult
Big Gold Chain
Big Gold Chain
Gold chains, and plenty of gold chains.
Mr. T Wig
The one and only Mr. T. alias B. A. Baracus from the A-Team and various movies.

Mr T


80s Rock Star Adult Costume
80s Rock Star Adult Costume
80's Lace Headband
Black Stretch Lace Elbow Gloves

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Red Thriller Jacket
Michael Jackson Red Thriller Jacket Adult Costume
Authentic Michael Jackson Beat It Costume
Michael Jackson Billie Jean Glove
Flashdance - Bodysuit Adult Costume
Flashdance - Bodysuit Adult Costume
Top Gun Men's Flight Suit Adult Costume
Top Gun Men's Flight Suit Adult Costume
Ghostbusters Adult Costume
Ghostbusters Adult Costume

80s Movies

80s look

80's Diva Adult Costume
80's Diva Adult Costume
80's Pop Star Costume - Eighties Costumes
80's Groupie Adult Costume
Neon Pink Leg Warmers - Leg Warmers
Silver Scrunchie Leggings - Eighties Costume Accessories
Black and Neon Pink Striped Tights
80's Bracelet Set
Triple Studded Bracelet
Neon Pink Slot Adult Glasses

80s Rock Star

80's New Wave Singer Adult Costume
80's New Wave Singer Adult Costume
Rock God 80's Adult Costume
Rock God 80's Adult Costume
Hair Band Maniac Adult Costume
Hair Band Maniac Adult Costume
80s fashion
The fashion of the eighties was unlike anything ever seen before. For most the 80s seemed like contest on who could have the worst hair, outfit, colors, accessories and so on. Nothing was sacred, everything was fashion. There is no doubt looking back at the eighties, that this decade should never repeat itself, fashion wise. And that is exactly why the eighties make for such a perfect theme party.

When dressing up 80s style, remember that you are one-of-a-kind, nothing is too radical, everything works. Mix bright colors whit black, stripes with dots, legwarmers with high heels and so on. The more radical and ugly you look, the more eighties you are.

On this page you will find ideas and links to the most awsome costumes available.

Second hand stores are a great alternative, but it can be difficult and expensive to find the right outfit.

The 80s are full of iconic celebrities. Just think about Michael Jackson in Thriller, and a red leather jacket comes to mind.. I bet your guests also have a million great ideas of who to dress out as. The eighties with all its iconic celebrities is a perfect opportunity to have a contest to see who is the best celebrity - costume, act, hair ect.
Say 80s, say material girl and say Madonna. Madonna was the corner stone and front runner of fashion in the eighties. Even Boy George seems to have copied her style.
Look, act, become Madonna. This dress is perfect for women who has a little Madonna inside her.
Headband is essential for the Madonna and 80s look.
Elbow gloves, another 80s hot fashion tip.
The king of pop and the king of the 80s: Michael Jackson. With up to 100 million Thriller albums sold, Michael Jackson the single largest pop icon of the 80s and the 90s. It is not difficult to become Michael Jackson, a lot of great costumes is available.
This Thriller costume makes sure everyone knows who you are dressed as.
Beat It costume - once you wear it, you will become it.
The legendary glove. You can wear this naked, and people will still recognize you as MJ.
Many movies of the 80s were of such a quality that they were and still are classics. Remember Back To The Future, Ferris Bueller, Indiana Jones, Beverly Hills Cop, Karate Kid, Cocktail, and many, many more.

What is your favourite 80s movie? There are plenty to chose from, so here is a little selection of costumes.
Flashdance - If you can dance, then THIS is the costume for you.
Tom Cruise - Maverick - Top Gun - Nuff said!
Who you gonna call? The 80s!
Women's fashion in the 80s was unlike anything ever seen before. It was a mix of neon colors, punk look, high hair, high heels and lots of jewels. A 80s theme party is a great chance to mix different styles, wear all of your jewels and still look good.
"Like totally awesome, riiight" You have the attitude, then this is the costume for you.
Pretty in pink, sexy in high heels and a HUGE fan of WHAM.
Good looking, sexy attitude and totally hot. This is your costume.
Legwarmers - One of the major symbols of the 80s. Wear them today, and everyone knows you are going to a 80s a party. Legwarmers goes with all looks, the sporty, the sexy, the dancer, and the aerobics look.
Sexy Silk Legwarmers
Totally awesome pink legwarmers
Though punkers bracelet - for female and male
Bracelets, and lots of bracelets for the rights 80s look.
Pretty, aren't they? Whit these tights you will be the centre of attention.
Complete the 80s look with nice pair of neon shades.
Scorpions, KISS, Cinderella, Motley Crew, Great White - These are just a few of the 80s rock bands of which there were many. One thing they have in common is their fashion sense. Large hair and tight, really tight pants really makes for a good and unforgettable costume.
You though and you know it, you know how to rock it hard. Then this is your costume.
You though and you know it, you know how to rock it hard. Then this is your costume.
Rock is SO yesterday - New Age is the new thing.
Full Beard & Moustache - Halloween Costumes
The beard to complete the Mr. T look.
No Mr. T without the legendary mohawk. You pity the fool who don't have a mohawk.
Instructional video
Contact: 80s-theme-party@wew.dk
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80s Costumes

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